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Introducing the Puzl ID.
Think of It as the Barcode for the Robot Generation.

What is a Puzl ID?

A Puzl ID is a way for FMCG manufacturers, distributors, and supermarkets to partner together to ensure that the retail environment is optimized for robotic automation.
The Puzl ID fills in the visual data gaps that robot manufacturers face in enabling supermarket automation. At present, robot manufacturers are ready with hardware systems, but they lack well-categorized, 3D, and 360° visual data to train AI systems. With the Puzl ID, this issue is resolved on a global basis.
Manufacturers or distributors simply register each SKU they produce in the Puzl ID database using a quick and easy application process. The process requires key additional pieces of visual data that Puzl’s Core AI engine then transforms into robot ready intelligence.
With the Puzl ID, the promise of robotic innovation in supermarkets becomes real.

Introducing the Puzl ID. Because Supermarkets Shouldn’t be the Only Ones Benefiting From Supermarket Automation.

Why Should FMCG Manufacturers Use the Puzl ID system?

Simply put, there is no better way for FMCG manufacturers and distributors to benefit from supermarket automation than with the Puzl ID.
Puzl IDs, when brought to life inside of the Puzl Core AI Platform, ensure that all relevant data about on-shelf product performance is shared between supermarkets, manufacturers, and distributors in real-time, 24/7/365, anywhere in the world.
By registering each SKU with Puzl, FMCG manufacturers and distributors get unlimited insights into what is happening with their products via our analytics dashboard.
Now everyone can benefit from supermarket automation.

The Puzl Core AI Platform.
The World’s First AI Processing Platform-as-a-Service for Robots.

For robot manufacturers, the most risky, costly, and time-consuming aspect of bringing robots into the human mainstream is building and training artificial intelligence systems that are highly accurate, blazing fast, and constantly expanding.
This is exactly what we do. Introducing the Puzl Core AI Platform – the world’s first AI processing platform-as-a-service for robots.
Now you can focus on what you do best: building world-class hardware. And as for the AI, the Puzl Core AI Platform has got you covered.

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Why Use the Puzl Core AI Platform #1: We’ve Got the Data.

Without the right data, AI systems don’t get very far and robots become expensive toys. The problem in today’s market is that while there is an over-abundance of data, very little of it is robot-ready (well-categorized, 3D, and 360° visual data).
This is what makes Puzl special. We are aggressively building-out what will become world’s biggest library of robot-ready visual FMCG product data.
So if you’ve got the hardware and are looking to take your robot offering to the next level, we’ve got the AI to get you there.

Why Use the Puzl Core AI Platform #2: We Eliminate the Risk of Building Your Own AI Team.

Let’s face it – machine vision and deep learning are still in the very early days, much is still very experimental, and the absolute number of top talent available globally is extremely small and hard to come by. In short, there is lots of room for mediocrity. Or worse.
So why risk your entire company’s development program on experimenting with AI developers who may or may not be able to get you to the high-performance algorithms you need?
Enter the Puzl Core AI Platform. Our team is made up of some world’s brightest algorithmic thinkers and machine vision innovators. We are singularly-focused on creating machine vision and deep learning algorithms that are second to none and specifically geared to the supermarket robotics industry.
The choice is yours. You can try and build it yourself, or you can get started instantly with the world’s first and only AI processing-platform-as-a-service for robots.

Why Use the Puzl Core AI Platform #3: Dramatically Reduce Your Cost and Time to Market.

As a robot manufacturer, feel free to spend 18-24 months and millions of dollars on trying to develop your own AI systems. We wish you well!
Or you can go to market immediately, at a fraction of the price, with our subscription-based platform that is plug-and-play. The Puzl Core AI Platform will have everything you’ll ever need to provide state-of-the-art performance and insights to your supermarket clients.

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